On Saturday 9th May we catered for a lovely Black & White Themed wedding by the River Thames. HCWHY provide a canape reception then a lovely 3 course meal of Salmon to start, Fillet of Beef for Mains and Trio of Desserts followed by Tea & Coffee and Petit Fours.

Sally & Phil used black table overlays with white napkins, silver chairs and mirrored table centrepieces to create their desired look. They also splashed out on a beautiful white LED dance floor and black starlight roofing to give an extra sparkle to the set up.


Black & White is such a lovely and simple theme for any wedding. From putting Blackberries into the Champagne for the reception instead of Strawberries, to adding a splash of colour like red or gold. Black and white is truly an adaptable colour scheme for any wedding.

Here are a few pictures for inspiration.

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